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A new look is on the way

We have officially kickstarted the redesign of SINGULARITY board game!

When the first drawings arrived, we couldn’t hide our excitement because of how good they are. So, even though these were only rough sketches, we had to share them on social media straight away, as raw and monochrome as they are.

We received great reactions from our social media followers and from the members of board game and science social media groups, such as Board Game Design Lab Community, Quantum Physics and Science Discussion, Physics_astronomy, The Science Facts, Cosmic Imagery & Art and others.

The neutron star, magnetar, magnetic field, pulsar and wormhole were easily recognised from the sketches. Some even saw pathways to other worlds and dimensions. It was fun to read all the comments and see the community so engaged around what we have created.

The positive reaction of people with expertise in these fields, or simply love for them, is telling us that we’re moving in the right direction. This makes us even more determined in our pursuit to design a truly beautiful and scientifically accurate board game.

Here’s a selection from the numerous comments people have left:

“Beautiful! 🔥“

“Heck yeah, science games all day baby”

“I will day one support this so hard.”

“Super cool! I like the unique take on the theme. There are SOOOOO many space games, but mostly spaceships/aliens. I like the take from a more science-esk point of view.”

Stay tuned as soon we’ll be announcing the launch of our Facebook group. There we will showcase and discuss the latest designs with our fans, creating this game together. What an amazing journey this is and it has only started!

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