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Game board design finalised

The vision finally came to life! With the help of Singularity Facebook group members and the board game community, we have brought the game board design to the final stage.

First, we put two designs to a vote and most voters preferred the design of one of them, but the colour scheme of the other. So, we ended up making a mix of the two and when we showed it to them, to our great satisfaction, they were thrilled!

These are some of the comments:

“Thumbs up all the way”

“Love the 3D coming out of board aspect it evokes”

“This is so fun to look at! Intriguing!”

The design got people excited and it was a truly incredible experience seeing hundreds of reactions coming our way. We received plenty of invaluable feedback and we tested almost every suggestion we got, implementing the ones that our fans thought worked best.

I wish to thank everyone who participated in the development, especially those who put in the time and effort to vote in our polls and honestly criticise various elements of the design on social media.

Three people made a crucial contribution to the art direction of the project. So much that the game board would look very different if it wasn’t for them.

Special thanks go to Conner C. Cole, Davor Butorac and Catherine Drayer.

Conner C. Cole’s spot on advice influenced the visual style we chose for the artwork of the game.

Davor Butorac’s expert feedback on the early stages of the design set us on the right path of finding the perfect balance between the aesthetic and the functionality of the game board.

Catherine Drayer’s brilliant suggestions helped us resolve issues we had with the inner spaces.

The next stage of the development is designing the cards. We’re looking forward to showcasing our ideas and discussing them with our community.

Yours sincerely,

Saša Celinščak

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