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Science enthusiasts and board gamers wanted

We launched a private Facebook group for those of you who wish to be a part of the Singularity Board Game development journey.

Our goal was to create a safe and friendly environment for everyone willing to ask questions and discuss topics concerning the game and the fields of science the game encompasses - astronomy, astrophysics and quantum physics. And we have succeeded in doing so by making the group private, establishing the rules of conduct and having an active administrator on board.

Any designs and decisions we make will be run by the fans in this group first, before moving on to the next stages of design and implementation. Also, we’re in the process of making some serious decisions, such as which cosmic bodies will feature in the game and how they will finally look.

In the latest post we presented two early variations of the branding and it looks like the votes are quite unanimous on this one. In the next posts we will present more sketches of celestial bodies we’ve been diligently working on. There will follow discussions around the aesthetics and science facts behind each of them.

We invite you to join our discussion group. Let your contribution make Singularity the best science board game in the world.

We’d love to see you on the team.


(you will need to be registered on Facebook)

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