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We made a web comic meme and it went viral

The surprise we got when we made a web comic meme out of some of the first sketches for Singularity board game and published it in Facebook groups Science Humor and Science Humour! At the moment of writing this article, the meme accumulated 281 like in each of the groups (pure coincidence that they aligned just as I was about to take the screenshots) and it got shared 38 times between the two.

We also shared it on, the most popular meme website in the world, with millions of visitors browsing dank memes every day. Getting 74 upvotes wasn’t such a bad result considering the competition we had in the Comic and Webtoon category where professional writers and illustrators promote their work.

A lot of commentators noticed that the tail of the comet is pointing in the wrong direction. From that I can only conclude that going on a date with any of them must be an out of this world experience.

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